Abstract Sunday by Christoph Niemann are funny and rather insightful!


Knowing what my face has to say

On my many readings on self I came across this notion ‘physiognomy’ that believes there is a relationship between an individual’s outward appearance and inner character and has been existing since the early Greek. In my reading of Milton and Self Knowledge, I read that Aristotle (who is a strong believer of this notion) in his Rhetoric insisted that the passions and moral qualities of men should be studied “in relation to their age and fortune”

Perhaps there is a relation to self reflection and age? However, knowing ones qualitative character by looking in the mirror is slightly far stretched but yes there is a common wide spread belief in this theory and is embedded in cultures across the world. I will look for examples and try to add that.

But What if… there was a app on this. You look at your face and it would reveal the closest looking animal that represents and provide you with qualities.

My counting journey has started

Today I started tracking my self with a simple pedometer. I put the pedometer at 5:22 pm and by 7:00 pm I was over 1000 steps. Now I am looking for a windows to extract the data. In two hours I have been excited about the number and check it ever now and then. I was wondering why I was excited, I mean I have used the Ipod pedometer but its not the same as this. Here I can see my each step which was an unconscious activity prior to this.


Pouch which reveals the camera for recording

Life Lapse… an interesting tool that captures an image every 30 seconds. I wonder if it does so when the phone is in use like while taking/making a call… check web or messages!!!?? It would have been interesting to have used the app when I was walking the streets of New York all day!

Green Goose

I had seen Green Goose as a product/website some months ago when I was thinking about the future of wellness. This was one of the first measuring device I came across. I looked at their jobs section on GG website and they described themselves as ‘We make cool little sensors’ it looks like they are a startup based out of San Francisco and Portland. It personally made an impression on my mind as it is not only networked through web or smart devices but is also embedded into the environment. GG device measures the real world activities and documents the data from the sensors placed within, in their own words “…focused on changing the way people interact with the physical world. Our sensors come in the form of tiny stickers that people place on everyday objects…your water bottle, your dog’s collar, your dog’s leash, your toothbrush, your child’s favorite toy…the applications are endless..” I am excited by its playfulness and would not mind measuring for the fun of being in the game.

Kick Start – a pulse sensor that measures pulse

Two people who are creating a pulse sensor
Yury Gitman (BS Semiotics, GaTech, Atlanta; MPS, ITP NYU, New York) is an artist, inventor, and toy designer and Banana Design Lab
Joel Murphy (BFA MassArt, Boston; MFA UC San Diego) is an artist living in Brooklyn.

I am currently contemplating upon a research project that aims to study the people feel the need to measure various aspects of their lives for this reason I was reading the quantified self website and stumbled upon pulse sensor many of my own critical design projects have tried to interface the pulse or finger movements with a desired interaction, hence the pulse sensor is particularly attractive. I think it is also very useful for many applications that seek to quantify personal health data specially the mobile phone apps.

Here is more on the pulse sensor by Yury and Joel. I am a student so it might be hard to donate but they said they needed some donations.