Honestly Now

Now who in this world does not have a problem in making choices. Many time while shopping, looking for a movie, when midst quitting a habit, before starting a new endeavor, in a relationship, outside one, for studies, at work… Man’s life is construct of these micro macro choices. And on this very thought we have an app 🙂 It is also very smart as it have categories to your questions…

You can ask a friend – like minded people in the community.

You can ask an expert – they have selected experts from various categories

You can be discreet about the question

Honestly Now! should I start using this app?

I just started using it… and posted a question about whether I should cut my hair short? I don’t know who the question went to but… I will wait n watch.

I wonder where when and how will I use this and how much will I trust it? but there are few intriguing question that come to my mind…

What does the existence of such an app suggest about our society, our culture?
Asking an opinion is not wrong but asking a device to tell us what they think… After all people we don’t know are as best as a devices with souls. You know what I mean?
Is this how we add souls to our devices?



My counting journey has started

Today I started tracking my self with a simple pedometer. I put the pedometer at 5:22 pm and by 7:00 pm I was over 1000 steps. Now I am looking for a windows to extract the data. In two hours I have been excited about the number and check it ever now and then. I was wondering why I was excited, I mean I have used the Ipod pedometer but its not the same as this. Here I can see my each step which was an unconscious activity prior to this.