Hussein Chalayan

Mechanical Dress

school of art and design CSM -1993

He uses film, installations and sculpture forms to explore perceptions and the realities of modern life, with particular interest in cultural identity, migration, anthropology, technology, nature and genetics.

Mechanical Dress – An association with Swarovski has led to a collection that transcends a 111 year history of fashion and reveals a modern and unique vision each of the five beautifully hand constructed, mechanical dresses, represents a particular period in fashion history, incorporating contemporary vision and complex engineering. 1895 is the starting point for the collection, consisting of a full-length skirt with a tightly pulled in waist on a grown with a high, frilled neckline. this transforms into a looser fitting dress with a hemline that rises to the calf reflecting the style of 1910. In turn, this seamlessly morphs into a 1920s flapper dress comprised of a loose layered knee length skirt with a plunging neckline. the metamorphosis continues right upto the present day.  (Seymour, 28-31)


 figure 1, p 25
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