Hussein Chalayan

Mechanical Dress

school of art and design CSM -1993

He uses film, installations and sculpture forms to explore perceptions and the realities of modern life, with particular interest in cultural identity, migration, anthropology, technology, nature and genetics.

Mechanical Dress – An association with Swarovski has led to a collection that transcends a 111 year history of fashion and reveals a modern and unique vision each of the five beautifully hand constructed, mechanical dresses, represents a particular period in fashion history, incorporating contemporary vision and complex engineering. 1895 is the starting point for the collection, consisting of a full-length skirt with a tightly pulled in waist on a grown with a high, frilled neckline. this transforms into a looser fitting dress with a hemline that rises to the calf reflecting the style of 1910. In turn, this seamlessly morphs into a 1920s flapper dress comprised of a loose layered knee length skirt with a plunging neckline. the metamorphosis continues right upto the present day.  (Seymour, 28-31)


 figure 1, p 25
text: Seymour, Sabine. FASHION TECHNOLOGY: The Intersection of Design Fashion Science and Technology. 2008th ed. New York: Springer Wein, 2009. Print.
img: Aldersey-Williams, Hugh et al. Design and the Elastic Mind. Ed. Paola Antonelli. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008. Print.

Moloudi Hadji

Pierce’n Brush

ecal (2008)

Exploring tongue piercing as a opportunity for dental care. This project captures my attention, as I am trying to understand the opportunities cross sensory and sensory overlaps. It is not the usefulness but what amazes me is the simplicity of the provocative statement on modern lifestyle and fashion archetypes.


figure 1, p 26
img: Aldersey-Williams, Hugh et al. Design and the Elastic Mind. Ed. Paola Antonelli. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008. Print.

Keijiro Yamamoto

Power Assist Suit 

Dep. of Robotics and Mechatronics, Faculty of Engineering, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan

The Power Assists Suit, a battery-powered exoskeleton suit… Sensors are attached to the arms and legs of the wearer to measure the tautness of muscles and detect how hard they are working. The data is sent to the computer built into the suit to calculate how much “assistance” is to be given. Finally, actuators located at the elbow, knees, and waist of the suit are activated by inflating airbag-like mechanism to help the caregiver carry upto approximately twice the weight he or she can usually bear. The puneumatic system that powers the actuator. makes the operation of the suit feel smooth for both the caregiver and the patient. (Aldersey, Hugh, Ed. Paola, 72)

Power Assist Suit

fig 1: Power Assist Suit, Pg 72
text: Aldersey-Williams, Hugh et al. Design and the Elastic Mind. Ed. Paola Antonelli. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008. Print.
img: Aldersey-Williams, Hugh et al. Design and the Elastic Mind. Ed. Paola Antonelli. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008. Print.

Notes from ‘The Gadget Lover’

‘The Gadget Lover’ from Marshall McLuhan’s, Understanding Media: The extension of Man

McLuhan introduces the experience of numbness caused by irritation in man and urgency to regain equilibrium upon encountering dissonance between the perception and experience. He presents this by clarifying the meaning of the commonly misinterpreted Greek myth of Narcissus, where he explains that the youth Narcissus became numb upon experiencing the disharmony between the believed self and reflection he saw in the water. The moment of shock numbed his perceptions and he was slave of the idea of representation experienced in the water. This myth illustrates our growing relationship with technology since the age of invention, which has and continues to produce a similar numbness in relation to these extensions that modify us. With this McLuhan begs upon our ever embracing technology culture to become aware of the impact and implications. He pleads us to question and speculate our servo-mechanical behavior that perpetually electrified to modify and leverage technology. Such that we have become analogous to bee that facilitates technological augmentation and expansion. However, it highlights that we as a collective are responsible for fostering the environment for proliferation of technological advancements by generating sense of  pressure that works as irritant and the prompt innovation and invention as counter-irritants. The present day innovation and its direct relation to our physical life has stimulated awareness of technology as an extension of our physical body. And this heightened sense of conciseness of the role of technology has cultivated an existential dialogue that has summoned everyone to participate. Thus McLuhan thoughtfully culminated the chapter by stating that “In the electric age we wear all mankind as our skin” point towards a collective burden and responsibility.

Manifesto of HyperSelf

Manifesto of HyperSelf 

I the Homo sapien, The wise man, The knowing man will attain the omniscience, become aware of the inside and the outside, the finite and the infinite, the existing and the non-existing, the real and the unreal, the corporeal and the visceral.

I the mortal being will tear existence of the corporeal self, fight every fragment of time that currently terminates me.

I the triumphant living organism of this existence will vanquish the natural, the artificial and transform myself.

I the bearer of a name will also name everything that can be named.

I the seeker of the unknown will leave nothing left to be known takes an oath, that only till, ‘the hyper self’ comes to life, I will  not abate with my hyper spirt. 

Honestly Now

Now who in this world does not have a problem in making choices. Many time while shopping, looking for a movie, when midst quitting a habit, before starting a new endeavor, in a relationship, outside one, for studies, at work… Man’s life is construct of these micro macro choices. And on this very thought we have an app 🙂 It is also very smart as it have categories to your questions…

You can ask a friend – like minded people in the community.

You can ask an expert – they have selected experts from various categories

You can be discreet about the question

Honestly Now! should I start using this app?

I just started using it… and posted a question about whether I should cut my hair short? I don’t know who the question went to but… I will wait n watch.

I wonder where when and how will I use this and how much will I trust it? but there are few intriguing question that come to my mind…

What does the existence of such an app suggest about our society, our culture?
Asking an opinion is not wrong but asking a device to tell us what they think… After all people we don’t know are as best as a devices with souls. You know what I mean?
Is this how we add souls to our devices?


Breathing and us

Breathing is a fundamental behavioral manifestation of the psycho-
logical and physiological state of human beings, from the breath that marks
the beginning of life to the breath that marks the end. Vocalizations that
range from the rudimentary reflexive cries of the distressed infant to the
sophisticated speech of a persuasive orator depend on breathing maneuvers
reinforced by their effects. Similarly, the frequency and intensity of the
sighs and gasps and grunts and groans and cries and shrieks and titters
and laughter that mark the oral language of everyday discourse, and convey
a part of the emotional message that underlies the denotative meaning of
our words, are rooted in breathing.